About Us


Well, Laxmee Hair & Beauty Studio is conceptualised by Mr. Laxmee Thakur, A young skilled man with absolute enthusiasm and aspirations on giving great experience on haircut in Nepal. Since the beginning of its establishment, its customer centric approach of market has made it a great success in a very short period of time.

Laxmee Hair & Beauty enjoys greater supports from its regular clients whereas new customers can feel a great service by smiling faces of experts of the industry.

Mr. Laxmee Thakur got his trainings in Mumbai, India back in 2000 and then he went for another expert training of the industry in 2007. For his perfection, in 2015 he got his another training on Hair.

His wide recognition by the media and his efforts for corporate social responsibilities proves his love of the market and in the services he provides through his perfectly trained staffs. His contribution to Dhurmus Suntali Foundation on February 2017 has shown his deepest concern on the reconstruction of Nepal after the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015.

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